Data Visualization and Discovery

Many businesses are finding that the report-centric model of traditional BI alone isn't satisfying their business users.  Reports and predefined charts and drill-downs work well until the answers prompt new questions.  Further, with the explosion of data, IT is challenged with keeping up with the increased demand of new insights and new questions. Enter Data Visualization and Discovery technologies.

Data Visualization and Discovery technologies address the time-to-value dilemma and empower your business users with an intuitive way to interact, explore, find trends, and uncover stories in their data. If the report-centric model is “prescriptive”, Data Visualization and Discovery is “proscriptive”, widening the boundaries and creating an information rich environment for the users to explore their data in a more self-service way.

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Data Transformation

Moving beyond interesting to actionable generally requires some degree of data transformation. Regardless of the size of the effort, ADG believes transforming imperfect data into value should not take months. Combining an iterative approach with the ability to “wear many hats”, our seasoned consultants deliver business value in weeks rather than months or years.

Whether you require data staging, data marts, or a full-blown data warehouse, ADG is the best choice for your data transformation needs. Getting your data transformation right will set you up for success, whether your data will ultimately be consumed using a Data Discovery tool or a traditional reporting tool.

Our Approach

In the words of IDC:
“A quick implementation time is a key success factor in the success of BI deployments. Rapid prototyping seems to be the only effective method to match IT development plans with frequently changing end-user requirements. The quicker the initial development cycles, the more likely it is that the business requirement that was requested is still current and that the strategy and tactics of the organization have not changed to render the requirement obsolete.”

Applied Data Group addresses this challenge by using the right approach and toolset for the job. We employ what design thinkers term a “Build to Think” approach.

This is an iterative build and design process that allows Applied Data Group and the customer to co-create a solution that evolves into something that otherwise might not have been imagined. We begin by defining key business drivers and KPIs, introduce a sample of actual data, and then rapidly iterate through build and design to deliver the solution. QlikView and Tableau are tools that lend themselves well to this approach. In fact, customers and market researchers agree that QlikView and Tableau implementations stand out because of the associated Time to Value, which leads to a low TCO and a high ROI.

With traditional tools and approaches, the Time to Value for BI projects is generally measured in months or years. Using industry leading tools and a “Build to Think” approach, Applied Data Group delivers solutions that bring value in days or weeks.